The Last Father Son Fishing Trip: Part 1

I tried. I gave it every ounce of energy I had. Just when I finally put the 12 weight with a full 450 grain sinking line and a double-jointed articulated chicken with hooks down, just then our guide, Matt Reilly, set the hook on a 28-inch trophy. I can hear…
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Fall 2015: From the Editor’s Desk… to Your Bathroom

“A change is gonna come…” Sam Cooke I’m not getting too cerebral here folks, so unwad your underpants. No politics this issue -- I’ll leave that for people far dumber and louder than me. The change we will be discussing today is that for once in the history of the…
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Ryan Keene

Somewhere between the softness of watercolors and the rigidity of line work exists the art of Ryan Keene. Originally a large-scale installation artist, health problems brought Ryan back to paper, paint, and pen. In his work you will find familiar subjects of field and stream, but the mixed media gives…