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Waxy the Waxworm

Have you grown tired of watching centerpin anglers in the winter months drift waxworms under a bobber and catch all the steelhead? Waxy is your answer. I have heard conflicting reports about what a waxworm actually is, but have come to the conclusion that it is the larvae of the…
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Tin Cup Whiskey Review: As Good As Kevin Costner In Bull Durham

Let's establish a few things first. Whiskey is delicious. Irish, Scotch, Tennessee, Canadian, Japanese, Kentucky fine bourbon, are all listed among my favorites of the brown liquor. Whiskey is also my favorite clear liquor, but that's another discussion for another day. Whiskey is great in the drift boat; whiskey is…

Tip Your Guide

I was a guide for a number of years. I no longer am one, so it is without fear of financial and business repercussions that I write this. Far too many fly fishing clients are shitty tippers. If you extrapolate that out to the numbers of people that eat at…