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Editor's Letter - Winter 2012

For many of us, every time we fish, we hit the road. For others who are blessed to have waters close to home, the road plays the part of the other woman (luckily for my marriage, the road penalties are marginal compared to the actual other woman penalties). But fly fishing has no monopoly on road inspired themes. From Kerouac to the hit movie Road Trip, starring the much misunderstood comic genius Tom Green, the road is ingrained in our societal group think as much as putting ketchup on everything and hating the French. To hit the road for the purpose of fishing is in and of itself a patriotic act, and you don’t hate America do you?

Living in the South sets up quite nicely for the road-hungry fisherman with world class fishing in every direction and none of it more than a day’s drive for most of us. With all the fresh and saltwater road trips available to the Southern fly flinger, it kind of makes you wonder why all too many of us think the only way to experience a trip of a lifetime is to go halfway across the world.

It is also my belief that the winter road trip is always better than the summer road trip. Winter is like crop dusting a party—people tend to go home if it’s bad enough, and once everyone goes home you’ve got the guacamole all to yourself…and that guac’ is delicious. Summer road trips are great for going to Disney World with the kids, but any water with fish in it will resemble the line for the Magic Kingdom compared to the Epcot-like solitude of winter. Inside this issue you will find destinations that are within reach of dirt bag fishing guides like myself, so well within reach of anyone who makes more than the dude waving the sign dressed up like the Statue of Liberty out on the corner (who also funnily enough gets health benefits). Don’t get me wrong, we love looking at pretty pictures in magazines of exotic fishy locales, but for once it would be nice to see a place in a magazine that we could load the truck up and actually go fish. Enjoy the winter “On The Road Issue” folks.