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Coming August 26th – SCOF 52 Ascofalypse Now

About Us

snook in the everglades


SCOF is the collective voice of a community that is irreverent, keen, and ridiculously fun. SCOF is not a pickleball court or a golf tournament or an online magazine……not just a magazine anyway. We are the water tower on which the fly fishing South spray paints its name. We are a chameleon that is equal parts hard-core and half-assed. We are a diesel pump of homegrown creative energy that you will find nowhere else in this industry.

shep with spot

Everything That Matters

Like a train hurtling recklessly down the mountain, SCOF has been defining everything that matters in fly fishing since 2011. One-half photographic artistry, one-half basic knowledge of the English language, and one more gratuitous half fart jokes (just for good measure), SCOF is the most unique and community-driven fishing publication out there.


Send us your stuff! If you’re a creative and you want people to see your work, read our submission guidelines.

Meet Our Staff

john at pursell farms

Managing Editor- John Agricola

John aka “Cola” makes all the print decisions for the magazine. Which is scary sometimes because he can’t read. He sure can write, though.

Creative Director - Hank

Hank designs the mag, provides art direction, and leads vision casting. He misses hook-sets like it’s his day job.

Ad Director - Sam Bailey

Samuel “lil 3wt” Bailey is our liaison to the industry. He helps brands figure out how they fit in with the SCOF mission, and keeps us apprised of new opportunities.

Editor at Large - Mike Steinberg

Mike is our foreign correspondent, and conservation editor. He’s probably in Cuba or Belize right now sleeping in a hammock or tagging bonefish.

Media Editor - Alan Broyhill

Alan makes sure we all look, sound, and smell good in our media publications. He edits all our photography, video, and podcasts. He also makes sure our lines are untangled and we have enough snacks in the boat.

scott in atlanta

Merch Wiz - Scott Stevenson

Scott is our staff medium, keeping us connected to the void, where all of our best ideas come from. If you have a question about the SCOF Store, he’s your guy.