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Coming August 26th – SCOF 52 Ascofalypse Now


Send us your stuff!

Please read the contributor’s guidelines below to prepare your submission.

We welcome all submissions. Please follow the protocol for formatting your story. When sending us your stories please keep in mind that we are a digital magazine and that our readers only have so much energy to read stories on their phones and lap-tops. Please be concise when you are able, but be capacious when you need to be. Style is of paramount importance, and we welcome humorous witty material. Serious tones are just as interesting if not more than the comic ones. Most importantly tell us a story. Something with interesting characters, conflict, a theme, or a strong analogy are the ingredients of a good story, but take us from one place to some transformed conclusion as well. Strive for your voice to be heard, instead of being too opinionated or self indulgent. That’s John’s role. Read SCOF back issues before submitting to get a sense of the magazine’s contours.

When you submit, please use the subject line to head your last name underscored by the word “SUBMISSION” in all caps. This helps our editors find the manuscripts better in a morass of emails. Send your stories as a word file attached to your email that includes a brief bio that lists other publications you have published for, and then send to

We publish unpublished authors as well. In fact, we love discovering these stories.

Try to send only polished manuscripts that are as finished as you can possibly make them. 1500-2000 words are the absolute limit on word counts.

Only send stories that you have images for, or finished illustrations for, please. When in doubt read the story aloud, and if still unsure, have a writing friend review it before you send a piece our way. This is a side hustle for us, so get your side piece to read it and if they like it, check it out with someone else too. Self-editing is key for SCOF contributors.

We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you! All rates are negotiable for images and words.


John Agricola, Managing Editor