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Coming August 26th – SCOF 52 Ascofalypse Now

Well here's a thing....

Did you ever hear the Grimm’s Fairy Tale of the tailor who swatted seven flies with one swipe of the swatter? I’m partial to the Disney version. Can’t get enough of that lovable rodent. Well, that tailor ain’t got shit on me. Four carp one swipe of the net. Drunken row-out shenanigans prevailed when a wad of spawning carp were spotted in a backwater slough. I crept up on this group that was full in-fligrante-delicto. I stealthily moved my net into position and, in an explosion of water, eggs, and semen, I came away quadruply victorious. Cackles were cackled, beers were shotgunned, and the story was relived at least a hundred times on the way home with the 20-inch brown netted not even mentioned once. Wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t do it.