Have you ever wanted to listen to the sweet, gravelly tones of Dave Grossman’s voice for nearly 40 minutes? If for some reason that’s a yes, seek help. But that also means you’re sure as heck going to love this: Episode 15 of the Flymen Fishing Co. Show, featuring the one and only (and previously mentioned) Dave Grossman.

It’s a rollicking episode that touches upon the tragic death of Dave’s twin brother Gaston, his twisted and tortured (yet erotically sensual) physical relationship with Steve, and how delicious chocolate chip Teddy Grahams are. If for some reason none of those topics are actually covered on the show as you listen to it, feel free to send suggestions and comments to Flymen. Perhaps they’ll do an encore and actually get to the bottom of those pressing topics. Gaston’s memory must live on.

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