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Coming August 26th – SCOF 52 Ascofalypse Now

A lot of fly-fishing headwear these days is worn simply for the “look.” You know, to be like one of the cool kids. Repping a trucker hat with some type of fish on it has become a standard part of the fly-fishing uniform, for better or for worse. Sure, there are still some fogies out there that appreciate a nice, long-billed monstrosity, an unstructured canvas cap, or even some type of Stetson that veers into cowboy hat territory. But we’re going to eschew all of that in order to praise the oft-misunderstood and completely underutilized piece of headwear known as the visor.

Let’s be honest, here. Visors get a bad rap. Mention a visor to just about anyone and the mental imagery they’ll conjure either involves Steve Spurrier throwing tantrums on a football sideline, or the neon green plastic visor their grandmother used to wear while gardening. Neither are positive.But what many don’t understand are the benefits of rocking a visor on the regular. Let’s list these benefits off one by one, followed by exclamation points so that each of them seem extremely important: Visors block the sun from harming your beautiful face! You still have enough room for fun logos or patches above the bill! Visors allow your hair to be free and frolic in the breeze without causing too much hat head! *Note: not everyone has enough hair to make a visor work. Isn’t that right, Steve? They also keep your head nice and cool since they’re even more open-air than trucker hats!

Visors also look great when we’re not sold out of them!

Think of visors as the convertibles of the hat world. Roll around with the top down, just for fun. Or dress it up a bit and brush your hair underneath. They work just as well with three-piece suits as they do flip flops. Visors are versatile, vivacious, and very sweet. We just thought you should know.