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Tin Cup Whiskey Review: As Good As Kevin Costner In Bull Durham

Let’s establish a few things first. Whiskey is delicious. Irish, Scotch, Tennessee, Canadian, Japanese, Kentucky fine bourbon, are all listed among my favorites of the brown liquor. Whiskey is also my favorite clear liquor, but that’s another discussion for another day. Whiskey is great in the drift boat; whiskey is great on the flats boat; whiskey is great on a wading trip. There really isn’t a fishing situation that wouldn’t be made better by a slug. I prefer mine neat in a glass or pulled from a bottle. A little bit of ice is okay, but please don’t ever mix whiskey with anything unless that whiskey came in a plastic vessel, and even then consider what you’re doing carefully. You might offend someone.

This brings us to Tin Cup American Whiskey. At first glance, Tin Cup appears to be another in what seems to be a long line of ubiquitous American small batch whiskeys. The recent whiskey boom seems to have matched our demand for decent whiskeys (that we don’t remember the name of but enjoyed at some tying night). This Colorado whiskey is a revelation. As soon as  you unscrew the “Tin Cup” from the top of the bottle,  you realize that someone in the marketing/packaging department over there is a freaking genius, the likes of which we might never see again for generations to come.Think about it: An unbreakable shot glass that not only comes with the bottle but nests on top like a liquored up Russian doll. This tin cup stands ready to provide you 1.5 oz of brown liquid fishing prowess, and also virility (don’t forget the virility) at a moment’s whim. No longer will we have to play the old nursery game of  pressing lips to glass, passing it around like some sort of bait-loving neanderthal. No, the civility of poor, shoot, and pass can finally take its rightful place at the pinnacle of marine and riparian alcohol consumption techniques as our creator intended (if you believe in that sort of thing). The whiskey itself is pretty good. A little on the sweet side, but very drinkable, shootable, and even slug-able if you still must. One last note, I can’t prove it but I’m almost positive the half bottle I drank made me at least a 34.6% better caster.