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Coming August 26th – SCOF 52 Ascofalypse Now

Welcome to the grass. I’ll tell you to never start, it will lead to trouble and not just the kind of trouble shady 4 a.m. boat ramps will land you in. This will mean sacrifices. Your friends, sadly, will be whittled down to the few as addicted as yourself and your job and home life will suffer if they don’t completely fall apart. But we understand, it’s not your fault, the high tide is going to flood the grass (albeit at generally the worst times) and if you have to miss appointments and obligations that’s ok. It’s inches deep and stealth is an absolute must. The water will only be in the grass for a few hours and your window is closing. No hatches, no mending or flurocarbon debates. It’s you and a single cast that will make this happen.

Scott Davis