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Coming August 26th – SCOF 52 Ascofalypse Now

SCOF Artist In Residence: Paul Puckett

Art doesn’t have to be pretentious to merit praise, and Paul is one the most unpretentious people let alone artists I know (and I know at least three artists so stop snickering). With a portfolio that includes everything from large scale oil paintings to free hand sketches of Dirty Harry gripping and well… scowling a kyped up brown. I was first drawn to the accessibility of Paul’s art which often does a poor job of masking Paul’s wacked out sense of humor (which just happens to complement mine quite nicely), but once you get know Paul and his work you quickly realize that the guy sitting in front of you, with the Coors heavy, is probably the most artistically diverse and talented guys in the scene today. We were lucky enough to have Paul spend a couple of days at the SCOF office (which actually is a painting studio) putting paint and pen to a variety of things. The best thing about it was he didn’t even steal anything…we checked.

To see more of Paul’s work check out his website:, or you can find his images on such fine shirts as True Flies, Patagonia, Vedavoo, and his own company Flood Tide Co. Or he can often be found at the Low Country Fly Shop chained to the wall, behind a stack of Cliff Boxes, high on Sharpies, and being paid very little or nothing at all for the whole thing.