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Coming August 26th – SCOF 52 Ascofalypse Now

The Nacho Fly has been a go to when the fish are acting a little weird and don’t want your normal go to’s for fly selection. This fly can be made very small and slim for those picky fish or you can bulk it up some and have the fish see it from a mile away. This is a great low tide fly for redfish in a creek chasing after small shrimp or for those floating fish that like tohang out on the grass edges as the water starts to fall.

  • SL12S 1/0
  • 210 Thread – (Red)
  • Mead Bead Chain – Chartreuse
  • Long thin barred hackle (4)
  • Orange Arctic Fox
  • Silly Legs – Clear/Fire Orange
  • EP Senyo Chromatic Brush 1.5” – Emerald
  • Orange Flashabou
  • Hard Mono – 30#


  1. Start with getting a thread base down on the hook shank and taking your thread to the back of the hook just before the bend of the hook. Cut yourself 5-6 pieces of Flashabou about and inch and half long and add to the top of the hook.
  2. Keeping your thread at the back of the hook, take 2 of your long thin hackle feathers and attach them to one side of the hook so that the tips are roughly the same length as the flash. Using your next 2 feathers, attach these on the opposite side of the hook. Cut and trim the extra length of feather going towards the front of the hook while taking your thread to the front of the hook.
  3. Attach your bead chain eyes to the front of the hook, while leaving yourself room to add a weed guard and silly legs later. Take your thread back to the back of the hook. Take your orange arctic fox and cut a rather large chunk. I like to roll the arctic fox around the hook as I am tying it on loosely with the first couple of wraps. If rolling does not work for you you can cut a smaller piece and attach it on the top half of the hook and then roll the hook over and attach another small chunk on the bottom half.
  4. Cut off the extra material going to the front of the hook.
  5. Attach two of your silly legs by making a “V” around your thread. I like to make the color change roughly the same on both sides. Attach these to your hook and as you secure it down, try to angle the legs to display off the sides of the hookrather than the top.
  6. Trim just shy the length of your feathers.

Tie on your EP Senyo Chromatic brush and take your thread to in front of your bead chain eyes. Wrap your hook shank from where you tied your silly legs on all the way to the back of your bead chain eyes. Spacing on how tight to wrap your brush is entirely up to you. You can wrap your brush extremely tight and have a very full bodied fly or space your wraps out a little and make the profile a little more “slim”. Tie off your EP brush behind your bead chain.

Take a lice comb or EP finger brush and pull out any trapped fibers in your body.

Next, your going to want to take your thread to the front of your bead chain eyes and get two more silly legs. I find flipping the hook over makes this next step a little easier. Attach the silly legs around the thread and create the same “V” from earlier and attach to the bottom side of the hook but don’t take your thread past your bead chain. Trim your silly legs to roughly an inch long.

Cut about an inch long piece of hard mono. Bend it in half, pinch with pliers and attach your weed guard.

Finish the fly off with Loon and hit it with a UV.