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Coming August 26th – SCOF 52 Ascofalypse Now

Gear It Up, and Gear It Out: Simms Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch


Capacity: 140 Hotdogs (Std.) / 10 Beers (Metric)

Fabric: 300D polyester ripstop with an outside PU coating and inside TPU lamination

Waterproof: Hell yeah it is…if you zip it

Let’s take a moment here, today, to recognize one of the most unheralded tools in the history of man, the simple sack. Dating back to the days of early man, the sack was the preferred method of carrying around stuff. Early sacks were constructed of animal organs, or some such thing, and the stuff may have included anything from human teeth to maize. Throughout history the materials of the sack changed and the stuff inside changed, but sadly we have witnessed very few breakthroughs in sack technology since the days of our teeth-carrying predecessors. A sack has been a sack and, before that, that sack had been a bag. Well folks, I am here to tell you that future of sacks is bright and we have SIMMS to thank for our new found sackfall.I received my new fangled SIMMS sack (Dry Creek Gear Pouch), and immediately put it to use by putting my stuff in it. My stuff is a random menagerie of keys, giant wallet, smoke-ables, edibles, random pucks of flies, spools of tippet, mustache comb and wax, flask of brown, jar of white, and so on and so on. For years I had trusted my unmentionables to the care of a Pelican Case. While never failing me, the Pelican case was bulky, and a general tax in other people’s boats. I needed something less rigid and more loose-y goose-y like me. Enter the SIMMS sack ((Dry Creek Gear Pouch). I can, without blush or bluster, state that this must be the most over-engineered sack on the planet today. The new Tru-Zip is more like a bomber zip-lock bag seal than it is a zipper. Completely submersible and self healing, this new NASA “not zipper” is pretty cool and eliminates the unfaltering death of all zippers, the teeth. The giant clear plastic window is also well utilized to gain vision into what once was the world of the blind. It’s also big enough to fit all my stuff, or a shitload of hot dogs you just have to keep dry. What I’m saying is that with this level of sack technology on display, flying cars are finally now clearly on the horizon.I will leave you with a tale of warning. I no longer have my SIMMS sack (Dry Creek Gear Pouch), as I am a dumbass and didn’t zip it up while motoring at high rates of speed on the Indian River Lagoon. It flew out of the boat never to be seen again. I miss my sack and my stuff (SIMMS Dry Creek Gear Pouch). The moral of the story is that even the best sack technology is only as good as the dumbass zipping the zipper. We give this sack has the SCOF seal of Sack Approval.