Here are some links to most of all the things we referenced in the SCOF CAST episode 4. sorry if you had plans today. enjoy your trip.


1. Tarpon


2. You Have Seen Their Faces, Margaret Bourke White and Erskine Caldwell


3. Aquarium Drunkard


4. Vaughn Cochran


5. Wassail


6. Tim Borski and Borski Ties Flies


7. Dave Scadden


8. The Hatch by Felt Soul Media


9. Walker’s Caye Chronicles


10. 406 Productions


11. Ryan Peterson – One in Winter


12. Holt Ingalls- Hatchee Productions


13. Drag the river music


14. Schliske


15. The Drake Magazine, Feeding Time


16. Fishing with Jay, Eazy the Barber


17. Geobass


18. Money Bagg Yo 

Moneybagg Yo – Wockesha (Official Music Video)


19. Ride with Clyde

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