Tight Lines

This maddening valediction has been rearing its ridiculous visage in closing emails, texts, and formal letters between practitioners of the fly for years now. When I read this little dagger to my sanity at the end of a message, I am immediately struck with the image of a grey hair, hunched under the weight of an overloaded twill vest, with his liver-spotted bald head covered by a faded and frayed Gilligan hat that he wore as a young man during the gilded age.

If this describes you, live your last days in peace and contentment, ancient one. If this does not physically describe you and you use the phrase “Tight Lines” to end emails…Stop…Just stop.

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  • adam motes says:

    agreed also “good luck” i don’t need luck i need godspeed & you to stop insert anything here…….i.e. talking, high holing, littering, etc etc

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